Release Notes

WEC-Sim v5.0.1

New Features

This is a bug fix release. New features since the previous release are not included.

Bug Fixes

  • Fix saveViz by @jtgrasb in #866

  • Fix typo in docs. by @mancellin in #898

  • Update documentation tutorials to fix OSWEC inertia by @jtgrasb in #894

  • CI: Split docs jobs | Add color to docs logs | Cancel runs on new push | Add 2021b to MATLAB versions by @H0R5E in #862

  • Mac path fixes and make outputDir public by @ahmedmetin in #874

  • wecSimPCT Fix (Master) by @yuyihsiang in #870

  • Fix image bug in PTO-Sim in Library Browser by @jleonqu in #896

  • update to v5.0 citation by @akeeste in #911

  • fix non-linear hydro by @dforbush2 in #910

  • Pull dev bugfixes into master by @akeeste @jtgrasb in #950 (includes #929 #917 #884 by @jtgrasb)

New Contributors

  • @mancellin made their first contribution in #898

  • @ahmedmetin made their first contribution in #874

Issues and Pull Requests

  • >52 issues closed since v5.0

  • >23 PRs merged since v5.0

**Full Changelog**

Citing WEC-Sim

To cite WEC-Sim, please use the citation for WEC-Sim software release and/or cite the following WEC-Sim publication.

WEC-Sim v5.0.1

[1] Kelley Ruehl, David Ogden, Yi-Hsiang Yu, Adam Keester, Nathan Tom, Dominic Forbush, Jorge Leon, Jeff Grasberger, and Salman Husain. (2022, September), WEC-Sim (Version v5.0.1), DOI 10.5281/zenodo.7121186.

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[1] D. Ogden, K. Ruehl, Y.H. Yu, A. Keester, D. Forbush, J. Leon, N. Tom, “Review of WEC-Sim Development and Applications” in Proceedings of the 14th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference, EWTEC 2021, Plymouth, UK, 2021.

Previous Releases

WEC-Sim v5.0

New Features

  • Refactoring classes and properties @kmruehl in #803, #822, #828, #832, @akeeste in #838

  • Refactoring docs by @kmruehl in #840

  • Refactor BEMIO functions, tests, and documentation @akeeste in #790, #812, @H0R5E in #839, @dav-og in #806

  • Run from sim updates by @akeeste in #737

  • Allow binary STL files by @akeeste in #760

  • Update Read_AQWA and AQWA examples by @jtgrasb in #761, #779, #797, #831

  • Rename plotWaves by @jtgrasb in #765

  • Update to normalize to handle sorting mean drift forces by @nathanmtom in #808 #809

  • Remove passiveYawTest.m by @jtgrasb in #807

  • Wave class wave gauge update by @nathanmtom in #801

  • New pto sim lib by @jleonqu in #821

  • Warning/Error flags by @jtgrasb in #826

  • Add Google Analytics 4 by @akeeste in #864


  • Update WEC-Sim’s Developer Documentation for the Morison Element Implementation by @nathanmtom in #796

  • Update response class API by @akeeste in #802

  • Doc_auto_gen_masks by @salhus in #842

  • Move documentation compilation to GitHub Actions by @H0R5E in #817

  • Add branch build in docs workflow for testing PRs by @H0R5E in #834

  • Update the WEC-Sim Theory Documentation to Clarify Wave Power Calculation by @nathanmtom in #847

  • Update documentation on mean drift and current by @akeeste in #800

Bug Fixes

  • Fix cable library links. Resolves #770 by @akeeste in #774 #775

  • Fix rate transition error by @akeeste in #799

  • Fix cable implementation by @dforbush2 in #827

  • PTO-Sim bug fix by @jleonqu in #833

  • Bug fix for the regular wave power full expression by @nathanmtom in #841

  • Fix documentation on dev branch by @H0R5E in #816

  • Bug fix: responseClass reading the MoorDyn Lines.out file too early, resolves #811 by @akeeste in #814

Issues and Pull Requests

  • >52 issues closed since v4.4

  • >44 PRs merged since v4.4

WEC-Sim v4.4

  • New Features

    • Added WEC-Sim Library blocks for cable, spherical constraint, and spherical pto #712 #675

    • Added feature to add/remove WEC-Sim path and create temp directory for each run #685 #686

    • Updated WEC-Sim Library to 2020b and saved Simulink Library Functions to (*.m) files #686 #654

    • Split WEC-Sim Library into sublibraries for each class #720

    • Restructured WEC-Sim Continuous Integration tests into class-based tests #620

    • Added wave visualization with wave markers and post-processing #736 #678

    • Moved nonlinear hydrodynamics and morison elements to properties of the Body Class #692

  • Documentation

    • Added developer manual content for WEC-Sim Library, Run from Simulink, Simulink Functions, Added Mass, Software Tests #728

    • Added user manual content for troubleshooting WEC-Sim #641

    • Updated content for PTO-Sim, ParaView, WEC-Sim Applications and Tutorials #668 #642 #649 #643

    • Added multi-version documentation for master and dev branches #630

  • Bug Fixes

    • Resolved bug with macro for ParaView 5.9 #459

    • Resolved bugs in BEMIO with Read_Capytaine, READ_AQWA, and Write_H5 functions #727 #694 #636

    • Resolved bug with variable time-step solver #656

  • Issues and Pull Requests

    • > 57 issues closed since v4.3

    • > 54 PRs merged since v4.3

WEC-Sim v4.3

  • New Features

    • Added the ability for WEC-Sim to be run directly from Simulink #503 #512 #548

    • Added capability to read Capytaine (.nc) output. Includes examples of running Capytaine with hydrostatics #464

    • Created a more accurate infinite frequency added mass calculation #517

    • Added ability for setInitDisp to intake multiple initial rotations #516 #586

  • Documentation

    • Restructured into four manuals: introduction, theory, user and development #455 #557

    • Update of code structure section #455, links #649 , diagrams #643, paraview #642,

    • Added section on suggested troubleshooting #641

  • Continuous integration tests

    • Overhaul and speed up of tests #508 #620

    • Extension of tests to the applications cases #7

  • Clean up

    • Created issue templates on GitHub #575 #634

    • Updated Morison Element warning flags #408

    • Clean up response class methods #491 #514

    • Clean up paraview output functions #490

  • Bug Fixes

    • Paraview macros and .pvsm files #459

    • BEMIO read mean drift force in R2021a #636

    • PTO-Sim calling workspace #632

    • Combine_BEM Ainf initialization #611

  • Issues and Pull Requests

    • > 100 issues closed since v4.2

    • > 45 PRs merged since v4.2

WEC-Sim v4.2

  • New Features

    • Added normal/tangential option for Morison Force (simu.morisonElement = 2) #408

    • Added Drag Body (body(i).nhBody=2) #423 #384

    • WEC-Sim output saved to structure #426

    • Added WEC-Sim parallel execution for batch runs (wecSimPCT) using MATLAB parallel computing toolbox #438

    • Added end stops to PTOs #445

  • Documentation

    • Automatically compile docs with TravisCI #439

    • Generate docs for master and dev branches of WEC-Sim

  • Bug Fixes

    • Resolved convolution integral bug for body-to-body interactions #444

    • Resolved PTO-Sim bug for linear to rotary conversion blocks #247 #485

    • Resolved variant subsystem labeling bug #486 #479

WEC-Sim v4.1

  • Added passive yaw

  • Revised spectral formulations per IEC TC114 TS 62600-2 Annex C

  • Updated examples on the WEC-Sim_Applications repository

  • Added unit tests with Jenkins

  • Added API documentation for WEC-Sim classes

  • Merged Pull Requests

    • Updated BEMIO for AQWA version comparability #373

    • Extended capabilities for ParaView visualization #355

WEC-Sim v4.0

  • Added mean drift force calculation

  • Added generalized body modes for simulating flexible WEC devices and for structure loading analysis

  • Updated BEMIO for mean drift force and generalized body modes

WEC-Sim v3.1

  • Added wave gauges for three locations

  • Added command line documentation for objects

  • Added error and warning flags

  • Converted Morison Elements to script instead of block

  • Converted WEC-Sim and PTO-Sim library files back to slx format

  • Fixed plot error in MATLAB 2018b

WEC-Sim v3.0

  • Added option of equal energy spacing for irregular waves (default)

  • Added option to calculate the wave elevation at a location different from the origin

  • Added option to define gamma for JONSWAP spectrum

  • Improved the WEC-Sim simulation speed when using rapid-acceleration mode

  • Fixed path bug in BEMIO for LINUX/OSX users

  • Changed/Added following WEC-Sim parameters

WEC-Sim v2.2

WEC-Sim v2.1

  • Added MATLAB version of BEMIO (to replace python version)

  • Added variable time-step option with ‘ode45’ by @ratanakso

  • Update to MCR, option to not re-load *.h5 file by @bradling

  • Update to waveClass to allow for definition of min/max wave frequency by @bradling

WEC-Sim v2.0

  • Updated WEC-Sim Library (generalized joints/constraints/PTOs)

  • Body-to-body interactions for radiation forces

  • Morison forces

  • Batch run mode (MCR)

  • Mooring sub-library implemented in mooringClass (no longer in body or joint)

  • More realistic PTO and mooring modeling through PTO-Sim and integration with MoorDyn

  • Non-hydrodynamic body option

  • Visualization using ParaView

WEC-Sim v1.3

  • Added Morison Elements

  • Body2Body Interactions

  • Multiple Case Runs (wecSimMCR)

  • Moordyn

  • Added Non-hydro Bodies

  • Morison Forces

  • Joint Updates

  • Visualization with Paraview

WEC-Sim v1.2

  • Nonlinear Froude-Krylov hydrodynamics and hydrostatics

  • State space radiation

  • Wave directionality

  • User-defined wave elevation time-series

  • Imports nondimensionalized BEMIO hydrodynamic data (instead of fully dimensional coefficients)

  • Variant Subsystems implemented to improve code stability (instead of if statements)

  • Bug fixes

WEC-Sim v1.1

  • WEC-Sim v1.1, available on GitHub

  • Improvements in code stability through modifications to the added mass, radiation damping calculations, and impulse response function calculations

  • Implementation of state space representation of radiation damping convolution integral calculation

  • New hydrodynamic data format based on BEMIO output, a python code that reads data from WAMIT, NEMOH, and AQWA and writes to the Hierarchical Data Format 5 (HDF5) format used by WEC-Sim.

  • Documentation available on WEC-Sim Website

WEC-Sim v1.0

  • Initial release of WEC-Sim (originally on OpenEI, now on GitHub)

  • Available as a static download

  • Documentation available in PDF