Release Notes

Current Releases

WEC-Sim v3.1

  • Added wave gauges for three locations
  • Added command line documentation for objects
  • Added error and warning flags
  • Converted Morrison Elements to script instead of block
  • Converted WEC-Sim and PTO-Sim library files back to slx format
  • Fixed plot error in MATLAB 2018b

Future Releases

WEC-Sim v4.0 (Summer 2019)

  • OpenWARP (BETA VERSION): NEMOH based BEM model with additional features, including

    • Parallel computing
    • Irregular frequency removal
    • GDF-to-DAT mesh converter
  • Improve WEC-Sim capabilities and efficiency

    • Improve the computational efficiency for the nonlinear buoyancy and the Froude-Krylov forces calculation
    • Include generalized body mode implementation (BETA VERSION)
  • Add WEC-Sim array modeling application and validation study to the WEC-Sim Applications repository

Previous Releases

WEC-Sim v3.0

  • Added option of equal energy spacing for irregular waves (default)

  • Added option to calculate the wave elevation at a location different from the origin

  • Added option to define gamma for JONSWAP spectrum

  • Improved the WEC-Sim simulation speed when using rapid-acceleration mode

  • Fixed path bug in BEMIO for LINUX/OSX users

  • Changed/Added following WEC-Sim parameters

WEC-Sim v2.2


GitHub repository history was re-written to make repository much smaller. Re-cloning the repository is highly recommended - it should be much faster than before.

WEC-Sim v2.1

  • Added MATLAB version of BEMIO (to replace python version)
  • Added variable time-step option with ‘ode45’ by @ratanakso
  • Update to MCR, option to not re-load *.h5 file by @bradling
  • Update to waveClass to allow for definition of min/max wave frequency by @bradling


Backward Compatibility: WEC-Sim v2.1 is not backward compatible

WEC-Sim v2.0

  • Updated WEC-Sim Library (generalized joints/constraints/PTOs)
  • Body-to-body interactions for radiation forces
  • Morison forces
  • Batch run mode (MCR)
  • Mooring sub-library implemented in mooringClass (no longer in body or joint)
  • More realistic PTO and mooring modeling through PTO-Sim and integration with MoorDyn
  • Non-hydrodynamic body option
  • Visualization using ParaView


Backward Compatibility: WEC-Sim v2.0 is not backward compatible

WEC-Sim v1.3

  • Added Morison Elements
  • Body2Body Interactions
  • Multiple Case Runs (wecSimMCR)
  • Moordyn
  • Added Non-hydro Bodies
  • Morison Forces
  • Joint Updates
  • Visualization with Paraview

WEC-Sim v1.2

  • Nonlinear Froude-Krylov hydrodynamics and hydrostatics
  • State space radiation
  • Wave directionality
  • User-defined wave elevation time-series
  • Imports non-dimensionalized BEMIO hydrodynamic data (instead of fully dimensional coefficients)
  • Variant Subsystems implemented to improve code stability (instead of if statements)
  • Bug fixes


Backward Compatibility: WEC-Sim v1.2 is not backward compatible

WEC-Sim v1.1

  • WEC-Sim v1.1, now available on GitHub
  • Improvements in code stability through modifications to the added mass, radiation damping calculations, and impulse response function calculations
  • Implementation of state space representation of radiation damping convolution integral calculation
  • New hydrodynamic data format based on BEMIO output, a python code that reads data from WAMIT, NEMOH, and AQWA and writes to the Hierarchical Data Format 5 (HDF5) format used by WEC-Sim.
  • Documentation available on WEC-Sim Website

WEC-Sim v1.0

  • Initial release of WEC-Sim (originally on OpenEI, now available on GitHub)
  • Available as a static download
  • Documentation available in PDF