Downloading WDRT

WDRT is distributed through the WDRT GitHub repository. The toolbox can either be downloaded via git or simply by visiting the the WDRT GitHub repository and downloading it directly.


You may place the downloaded WDRT in any location you like; for the remainder of these instructions, the folder that contains the WDRT source code will be referred to as $WDRT_SOURCE.


Python 2.7.x and the following Python packages are required to run WDRT. These packages can easily be installed using using pip or your preferred package installation method:

Alternatively, if you’re new to Python, these packages can be obtained using one of following Python distributions:

Installation Process

The following installation procedure allows for easier updating of the code with git

Step 1: Clone or download a copy of WDRT:

git clone $WDRT_SOURCE

Step 2: Add the $WDRT_SOURCE directory to your PYTHONPATH environment variable (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux).

Step 3: Verify the installation’s functionality by running the examples located in``$WDRT_SOURCE/examples``

cd examples